This morning during my quiet time I was thinking about an interview I have coming up and how I was going to share my story – my testimony.  I thought about my life and the lessons I have learned and the words I wanted to share.

Over the past mouth I have listened to many Christian speakers online.  I have noticed a couple of common words that keep showing up.  The word Testimony and the word Breakthrough


I recently listened to a lesson on the meaning of the word testimony which caused me see the word in a completely different way. 

After listening to the lesson on the word testimony, I did some research on the meaning of the word. I learned that the word is derived from the Hebrew word eduth which means “testimony, precept or warning.”  Testimony comes from the word “witness” which comes from a primitive root word that means “to return, to repeat, to do again”

Now, I am not one who really understands the meaning of words, or their roots, but I did find the Hebrew definitions intriguing. 

How true is it when we share our story, we are trying to help someone else learn from our lessons? We are trying to protect them from having to go through the same challenges we faced.  That could surely be used as a warning! 

What really caught my attention were the words “to do again”. 

So, by sharing our testimony, our story, we are remembering what God has already done and believing that He can do it again!  This makes our words deep and powerful! 

The music album that I find myself listening to lately is Michael W. Smith’s “Surround”.  The words “this is how I fight my battles” and “ I’ve seen You move, You move the mountains and I believe, I’ll see you do it again” keep reminding me of God’s power and how we are surrounded by His love.


I have also heard and seen the word “Breakthrough” many times lately.  I have seen the word in the media, in devotionals I have read and in lessons I have heard online and in bible lessons I have been studying. 

As I researched the word breakthrough, I found a common description. It was interesting to see that breakthrough was used to describe warfare, an offensive military assault. Breakthrough was also used to describe an act or instance of moving through or beyond an obstacle.  

This morning as I closed my eyes and thought about how I could describe the battle with the enemy. I envisioned an old fashioned scuba diving helmet.  You know the old, big round helmets that looked really heavy to wear, with a small glass circle to look through? 

As one is swimming along enjoying the beauty of life, the enemy comes along and can put a small crack in our glass window with a lie or something that caused us pain. We see the crack in our glass and the water sneaking in.  We start panicking, swimming faster, trying to reach the surface. Struggling, we become tired and afraid.  We are blind, unable to see anyone around us trying to help. We are only focused on what is happening right in front of us. 

The enemy will use lies, pain, and our past to keep us distracted to the point that we are drowning in our circumstances. 

I have seen hate and bitterness take control of good people.  It consumed them like water filling up in an old, heavy scuba diving helmet; making them blind to the people around them trying to help.  As they fearfully, kick and scream, trying to make it to safety, they are not able to see who they are hurting around them.

The breakthrough in my life did not happen until I started to truly believe in God’s words.  I started to use God’s words against the enemy. I assaulted the enemy, by replacing the lies that I had believed for so long with God’s truth. 

During a deep, dark time in my life, I was really angry with God.  I thought He had made a mistake when He created me.  It was during this dark time that God held me tightly as I was kicking and screaming at Him.  It was in this darkest time that God started to show me how good He really is.  God started to show me through daily life, how much He really loves me.  As I was drowning in my own tears, He slowly pulled me out of the deep end. I was finally able to see the Light. I was able to began to feel His love.   

So, as I share my story – my testimony, my only hope is that it helps you find a breakthrough in your life – your story!