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I love Christian music.  I lean on it daily to get through life’s craziness.  It reminds me of God’s love.  Sometimes the words make me stop and cry, but when I hear Toby Mac, I just want to “Move”!

Mercy Me’s song “Dear Younger Me” pulls on the heart strings a little.

What would I say to the younger me?

First, I believe I would say “You are not a mistake.”

You are loved and you are wanted.  You do not have to prove yourself and you surely do not have to be perfect.

I would tell that little girl to stop focusing on all of your flaws. You are a great kid, we all have things that we hate about ourselves.

Then, I would look into her teary eyes and say “it is not your fault.”

You do not need to pretend everything is okay.

As we both would probably cry, I would play Zach Williams song, “Fear is a Liar.”  I would left her chin up and say that the enemy wants to tear you down and make you feel worthless.  The enemy does not want you to know how valuable and strong you are.  So he plays all these lies in your head to keep you down and out.  The enemy is a liar. You are valuable and you are loved by the all powerful, mighty God.  He created you for this special time and you have purpose.

I would finish by saying “lift up your head and don’t be ashamed.”  You have been redeemed.

If  my Younger Me would ask me what do I wish I could change?


I would share some valuable lessons I have learned.  I would tell her to hold on to Sawyer Brown’s music, it becomes your home; do not rush your schooling, and you will always love chocolate!  I would remind her of the Sunday school song “I am a Child of God” and say some day she will truly believe those words.  I would tell her “it is going to be hard, and you will cry many nights, but you will be okay.  There will be times when you feel alone and it seems dark but God shelters and protects you. God never leaves you”.

What would you write to the Younger You?

If you could have the Younger You change your future, would you?


I thought about this question, and my finial answer would be no!  The challenges in my life have made me who I am today.  If I had not endured the painful challenges in my life I might not have reached out to find God, to cling to Him.  I would not have the compassion and desire to help others.  Do I want to go through my journey again?  No, or  would I wish the pain on anyone else, no.

If I can help another Younger Me on her journey, then it was worth the tears.


Wednesday Grace