As we celebrated Mother’s Day this year I thought deeply about the women God has brought into my life. The lessons I have learned from their words of wisdom or their examples.  I am very thankful for these women.

The Mother I Desperately Need.

“It was Mother’s Day recently. They were giving a tribute to mothers at church. It made me think about the special women God has placed in my life. My mom gave me the desire to be creative. My grandma gave me a place of peace. My Aunt Molly loved me just the way I was. The true Italian woman taught me it was okay to be a girl. Dad’s fourth wife taught me that girls could be strong. A new special friend, Robin, met me when I was broken, lost, and in so much pain. Through her prayers, time, and guidance, Robin has helped me heal. She has helped me overcome my fears and find peace. I am so thankful for the people God has placed in my life during the time I desperately needed them. God is a good, good father!”

Wednesday’s Place, Journey of Grace

I have to admit, there are two young women that have had the most impact in my life.  I would not have tried to be the best me I could be if it were not for my daughters.

Coming from a broken family and surviving a broken marriage, I was afraid of messing up the lives of these two beautiful girls.  I did not want them to feel the pain and hurt that I had experienced.  I did not want them to ever feel unwanted or not good enough. 

Boy, it is hard being a mom!  Your kids are always watching you. Picking up your good and bad habits. Reminding you of the words you said and the promises you forgot to keep.  They are there on the good days to bake monster cookies in the kitchen and on the bad days when you wished you could pull the covers over your head and wait for a new day to come. 

My hope is that my girls will look back at the challenges and struggles I faced and see that you can overcome… conquer life’s obstacles.  I am nowhere close to being a perfect mom.  I have made many mistakes!

My hope is that they have learned through me, that life is full of struggles and challenges, but we can defeat them.  We can heal from our past, our mistakes and we are sooo…. Loved!